Saturday, April 09, 2011

Short story long

Shining Glory

Ideally, today was supposed to be one of the most productive days of my life. I had the whole house nearly to myself for nearly most of the day, I have tonnes of cleaning to do, I have tonnes of studying to do, I am at a stage where I have began to realistically plan for my activities, I currently am not suffering from an extremely low or extremely inflated self-esteem, I have my laptop and I began the day with a cup of coffee. Yet, it turned out to  be quite the opposite. My long list of to-do's are left uncrossed (apart from one of two tasks...), my eyes are still heavy with sleep (and I'm beginning to think its psychological), I am sipping on yet another cup of coffee and wondering why my day seems circular.

One of the only goods that came out of today is that I am beginning to feel annoyed by both How I Met Your Mother and Little Mosque in the Prairie. After a certain point, people really need to learn to stop. HIMYM Season 1 was amazing - cute, innocent, funny, relaxing - the package, season 2 continued to uphold it, season 3 was addictive enough, season 4 was hard to finish and now that I am a few episodes into season 5, I really do feel like it is an utter waste of time. Thirty-year-olds making lame jokes and acting silly is only funny the first few times.

The other nice thing that happened was that I got a call from my employers. The ones that rejected me for one of their jobs due to my hijab called to ask me to fill in the spot for the regular teacher who got employed instead of me. (For the beginning of the story, refer to this.) Currently, I am teaching primary school students and helping them with possibly everything they need help with. That other position was for a high school science teacher, for which apparently I do qualify, but for which my looks does not suit the parents' choices. So about a month ago, they decided to employ someone who is not suited to teach science (the fact which the employer admitted herself!), but met the criteria of looking 'appropriate' for the parents. I failed to understand this logic (still do), but I smiled sweetly anyway. In the long run, they lose. :P

As I have dreadingly hoped many times before, I hope none of my employers ever set foot in this sanctuary of mine where I may have bagged them out once or twice (or many times...). But, in my defence, I have never mentioned any names. ;)

So, just as you are beginning to re-realise how immature I am, let me remind you, I am stepping out of my teen years in a few hours. Let me cherish these last few moments of the years that start with an one. OfcourseIrealisethatthecomingyearwillbeexactlythesameaslastyearthewaylastyearwasthesameastheyearbeforeandtheyearbeforeandtheyearbeforeandsoonandsoforth.

Recently, I have began to reconnect with my friends from my first high school. We had a group of seven people who somehow managed to adopt each other into a family. Smru was daddy; Risa was mummy; NJ, DS and DJ were the sisters; Arsh was the brother; and I happened to be the family pet - a hamster. (We eventually agreed that I used to be a human before, but Smru turned me into a hamster during one of her science experiments). We had 'complications' in the family, the nature of which shall remain a secret from blogland. Lets just say, Smru played the role of a guy very well in our little group. (Disclaimer: Smru is a female, who has become way more feminine in the last three years.) So the other day, I discovered that Arsh is doing the same degree as me! We both hated our previous degree and thus became first years again. I bumped into DJ at the bus stop, who also happened to change her degree. I was close to Smru and Risa last year anyway, and this year hasn't changed many things. NJ and DS are the only people that I do not see very much, although I do keep tabs on them. Anyway, the rest of us (especially Arsh and I) often reminisce about those days. We used to rule our own worlds back then. I'm trying to organise a lunch to catch up with each others lives, but everyone is so busy that it seems absolutely impossible to get all seven of us under one roof at one time.

I was looking for a post from that time, and I came across this. Although this did not involve any of the people mentioned above, I perfectly remember that time. Emu, this shall come back and haunt you from time to time. :P

So yes, long story short: the past was glorious. We were innocent dreamers who thought they could touch the sky the moment they wanted to. And then something happened in the next four years and bam! Turning twenty tomorrow! I miss being sixteen. :(

But, not to worry, the future could be glorious too, only if I want it to be. ;)


P.s: Pick out the made-up-word in the post. :P

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  1. Awwww this is a cute post! It's true tho, we did believe we could rule the world. Our group was literally a bubble, nothing could enter and hurt us! Time to catch up with the whole group i reckon! It's been 3 years since everyone has been together. :D