Tuesday, April 26, 2011

But its raining, raining in my heart

The holidays have flown by so far and I know for a fact that the rest of it will do the same. There is something to do, some sort of an event, every single day. I was looking forward to this week because I thought that I could finally spend some time just with myself, sorting out my thoughts, cleaning up my act. However, due to a lot of procrastination on my part and a little lack of co-operation from the rest of the world, I have not been able to. When your brain is suffocating, your thoughts have no place to breathe, and they get agitated. They push your negative emotions to their ends and drive them overboard. A small matter can attract a huge outburst of anger, making the situation much uglier than it should have gotten. Then the situation just gets awkward.

Its drizzling ever so softly outside my window. The rain drops are making perfect forty five degree angles with the window sill (correction: I just took a photo, and they actually are more scattered than it looks from this perspective). I am listening to a Tagore song that I first heard a few days ago, and have been trying to remember yesterday. Yesterday, we went out as a family after a very long time. It was raining then too, and we were trying to remember rain songs, and after failing after a while, just any nice songs that we know. We went to a beautiful place and just relaxed for a while.

I got a frother yesterday. This morning's coffee actually had froth on top, like coffee at a coffee shop. Now I am sleepy. I do realise that this blog often (nearly always) becomes something like Rebecca Black's Friday. However, when I have nothing to say and feel as brain-clogged as I feel right now, recounting events is what I do. Apologies.

However, I shall leave you with one of my favourite songs. I have loved this song ever since I listened to it carefully and figured out what most of the words mean. It would be a perfect proposal song, or the song for a marriage anniversary when an old couple decide to rekindle their love. However, I do not like the video that this person made for it. It would have been much better with bangla letters and possibly a bit more effects. I found a better video, but it wasn't sung by Srikanto, and I did not like the way it was sung. It also had an english translation, but I did not like that either. So, I attempted to translate the song myself. Gave up halfway, as usual.

I suppose I can tell him,
On a day like this -
In such pouring rain,
I suppose I can open up my heart.
Under the heavy clouds,
As the raindrops fall
In the windless darkness;
I suppose I can tell him.

The words that are only for his ears
Will pass my lips, breaking the silence.
With him across the table,
We will reminisce shared sadnesses
As the rain pours down endlessly.

Not another soul would exist,
Our realities would disappear,
The clutters of life will become lies;
We will speak through our eyes
of the words of our hearts.

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