Friday, April 15, 2011


Just finished reading yet another depressing novel written by Shomoresh Mojumdar. Of the books I have read, most of them have been about a person (or people) who have been some sort of a victim by another deceptive fellow human being (or beings). This one was about a middle aged man who derives sexual pleasure from violent attacks on women. He basically starts off by being extremely romantic and a perfect gentleman, who also happened to start a business to help the middle-class population. Everything was going well for a few months - the couple were engaged, the business was flourishing - everyone was happy. However, at about the tenth last page, his forshadowing (real) character became clear to her and the rest of the people. Having said that, the novel was unpleasant right from the beginning. Every single character had some sort of a moral issue, and most of them were victims of others' moral problems too.
SM's novels are of those that you cannot put down once you have started reading them. Yet, you cannot enjoy it completely because it describes situations so corrupt that you almost lose hope in humanity. The occasional sweetness that you come across every now and then gives the impression that all the problems have disappeared, yet, when the twists and turns get worse, it feels like that is all there is - bleakness.

Time to read something uplifting.

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