Sunday, November 15, 2009

Aimless, Wandering days

I drove for two hours and fifteen minutes today!

I also learnt how to park, enter into our narrow driveway, check the mirrors and the speed while driving and to ignore ignorant P-platers who strongly believe they are the best drivers in the world. I'm beginning to realise that I am not as good a multi-tasker as I thought I was. I often make simple stupid mistake while staring at a red car, or a horse, or something else. However, I think I really do love driving. But of course, I'm on my fourth day - I should probably wait until my fourth year to really decide!

I am about a third of my way through Perks of a Wallflower. I am beginning to enjoy feeling depressed while reading it, mainly because of 'the book's treatment of drugs, homosexuality, sex, and suicide', as described in wikipedia. Although these are realities for many, I live in a sheltered world (for which I'm of course thankful for!) without the rampancy of problems related to these issues. As a result of this, (also 2 years of intense analysis faced in English!), I am constantly trying to analyse why they are happening. As a result, my brain is in a constant tangle.

I am listening to 'Asleep' by The Smiths, mainly because Charlie keeps talking about it. This song is depressing too, possibly because its a song about death. Charlie also refers to many other songs, as well as novels and films, all of which I'd like to try, mostly because I liked the ones I read/watched. Now I'm listening to 'Something' by The Beatles, which is also a song that Charlie talks about, and quite liking it!

My straty group is having a special dinner tonight, which probably ended by now. It would've been fun to go, instead of sitting at home all night. But I suppose its a valid excuse that the distance between my house and the restaurant cannot be covered in one night. I'm catching up with them tomorrow anyway, back at the old Gloria Jeans.

I was supposed to start to clean up my life as soon as HSC ended. I still haven't started.

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