Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was cleaning junk today and I found these:
- a red glass bangle snapped into two pieces
- a pair of sandals that I broke after many years of being under my feet
- several broken watches
- my old pink alarm clock
- baba's old watch and glasses
- 2007 and 2008 calenders, with scribbles all over them
- crayons
- tapestry of a hot air balloon done in year six
- photos of primary school teachers
- stuff I wrote in 2006
- postcards
- instant tattoos, a library bag and a bookmark won in a readathon many years ago
- shells
- pretty stones
- poems written on scrap paper
- a pen with a frog end
- colourful, bouncy balls
- plastic bracelets
- 2 wrappers of chocolate that I received from a very good friend
among many other junk. It took me about four to five hours to decide what to keep and what to chuck. I wanted to keep everything - everything, forever!

Many things are getting on my nerves lately. I think its the heat.

I baked a chicken and potato bake today, taking up about two precious hours of my busy, busy life. Now we must share it with unexpected guests.


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