Saturday, November 07, 2009


I can't find my permanent marker, so according to my calendar, its still the day before Economics HSC exam, although its actually supposed to be the day after the day marked '*HSC is over!!!*'. I am so tired I cannot be bothered finding a pen thick enough to cross off the days. No, I haven't been out partying till 2 AM, drunk and disorderly to the extent that I start missing HSC. I am tired because of the intense cleaning, talking, watching and sleeping. The Study is still in an unacceptable state and I am honestly scared to start touching it. But I have cleaned the rumpus, in which I have resided for the past year. (I studied in the rumpus, but dumped all unwanted mess in the Study, hence the fear of cleaning.)

I watched 'Definitely, Maybe' yesterday. It was alright, only slightly boring, I suppose; just another feel good movie. The little girl was annoying though, the plot line would have been better, if she wasn't stating every obvious little bits. I also borrowed 'Importance of Being Earnest' and 'Pictures of Dorian Gray'. And another DVD with three movies, which after I borrowed, realised is in a different language. :S

I also cooked a potato curry to surprise my mum. She was indeed surprised, and pleased, much to my happiness! This was the first time I have attempted to cook anything 'curry', and according to my mother, its a sign of me maturing. Although, she did tell me I'm still a baby on the morning of the same day...

I called Marisa and Niro and realised that both their voices have slightly changed in the past two years. Extremely scary.


  1. OMG U MADE CURRY thats cool :D

    clean woman :D its fun i cleaned the whole house !!

    find ur marker crossing it out is like awesomness :D

  2. Yes, some day, aniqa, some day.

    I thought you hate curry?