Sunday, November 08, 2009

Updates #40385

1. I exercised! For twenty whole minutes! (Then I had hot chips and noodles for lunch. *Sigh*)
2. I drove for the first time in my entire life (excluding the occasional 2 second drives while washing the car) and I only hit the curb once! Baba took me to an empty street and we practised for a while, after which he directed me to drive back home. I didn't realise I was driving home until I was close to home. He also declared that I do not need professional driving lessons. I love you, baba!
3. I baked potato chips today because I thought they would be a healthy snack. Instead, the olive oil oozed out and drowned my chips, making it no different to deep fried, fat filled, sticks. They didn't taste too bad, though.
4. I watched about seven episodes of 'House Full'. The natok is hilarious! Mainly because I can see quite a few similarities between the characters and certain people in my life.
5. I started writing my long story in Bengali about seventeen year old girls.
6. I'm going to Fran's house next week!
7. Its slowly hitting me. I FINISHED SCHOOL. FOREVER!

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