Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday - III

My text message clearly says that I planned to be at school 'around 9ish', yet, for some reason, Fran saw that as '11'. Oh well. So here I am, blogging, when I have nothing to blog about. I am sitting at Computer 20 in Kogarah Library, listening to an out-of-tune kid attempting to sing. Its a library, for God's sake! Can't one get a little peace and quite here?

I haven't yet fulfilled any of my post-hsc goals, but I'm on my way to transforming from an inept, awkward little girl to a multi-talented, graceful young lady. Chances are, I would continue to be an inept, awkward little girl at the end of these three months. However, I have started to cook, drive and exercise, so all hope is not lost. I have also figured out what I want to do if the little ray of sunlight that I thought I've seen does not turn out to be one.

I talked to Aurpa for a long time, after a very long time. There are so many friends that I have lost touch with whom I really need to reconnect with. I should make a list and start going through them.

I haven't started reading 'Perks of a Wallflower' yet, but its sitting on my desktop. I shall start soon.

House Full has become interesting again.

I fell asleep while I was watching Picture of Dorian Gray. It wasn't the movie's fault, it was quite interesting, and it inspired me to plan to find the book and start reading.

I think I lost all the photos I took at school, after school, during graduation and during graduation dinner. Such a waste!


  1. lol i love u muchky
    u were always a multi talented bundle of joy :) n u will be more epic talented or at least rested after the next 3 months :)

    omg guess what !

    i recently turned good :) u deserve some credit

  2. I'm very proud of you, Aniqa. The credit is to no other human but you. :)