Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not really worth a read

Its 5:19. Not much happened in the last twenty four hours.

I woke up at six o' clock today and painted the nails on my left hand red. I finally figured that two coats of nail polish is what you are supposed to put. Then I read a bit more of Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell and fell asleep on the way.

Apuni pointed out that I have a talent for following instructions. Hence, I can bake. In fact, I thought its probably the only thing I can do. Of course, as always, my thoughts were proved wrong. As I was pouring the topping on the sticky date puddings and contemplating on why it took so long to boil and why its not looking right, I realised I forgot to add butter to it. So now its more like a watery substance than a topping. And its for Eid. And there's four of them. x(

I also stuffed up my mango trifle by getting too excited with the allspice. I probably sprinkled half the jar in it. All that time and effort spent behind stirring the custard has probably gone down the drain. x(

Then there is the fact that I am trying to be nice to more people. Its harder than it looks, because often, when one feels like breaking another's neck, its hard to keep smiling and nodding.

Its Eid tomorrow. Sadly, a lot of people don't seem to be in the mood for it. My mum was telling us that a little boy in her class didn't even know what or when it is even though he is a Muslim and attends an Islamic School! I am so glad that our parents have always kept it exciting for us.

In fact, I'm glad that I was born into a family like mine - for everything. I really, really am. For reasons that I keep mentioning over and over again and for reasons that cannot be mentioned publicly.

I think I had loads to say but I can't really find my words.

And I'm really, really sleepy.


  1. lol taff. i don't wake up at 6 if i can help it. i had a really random nightmare that morning x(.

  2. ahh ok

    if the boogie monster appeared in front of me I would still continue sleeping