Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An aeroplane across the night

I am looking forward to next Wednesday night almost in desperation. I have two exams and one assignment due within that time, and I feel absolutely helpless with my procrastination. I think I am not completely depressed yet because I still feel like I have some hope. Things I have to do are:
- Finish psych assignment (by tomorrow night, definitely, definitely, definitely inshaAllah)
- Study for students guild (Friday night, Saturday)
- Study for linguistics test (Monday, Tuesday)
This means that I cannot go out tomorrow night, even though I was trying to plan to do so. However, I definitely need to make sure that I stick to this plan because I plan to go out with TS on Friday, and I really, really, really don't want to miss that too. Okay, all I need to do get to uni really early tomorrow, get a huge cup of coffee, lock myself in some corner in the library and force myself to finish it, possibly before I meet Smruthi. So, if I can get there in time, I will have four hours. In four hours, can I not write 750 words? If not, what is the use of blogging at all?

Okay, okay, okay. InshaAllah, I can. :)

I started my online Tajweed class today. I sort of signed up for it without giving it much thought, without knowing about how the classes will be contacted, if there are any payments or who will teach it. Spur of the moment decision - the method I use to make most decisions. However, I have not come to regret it. My teacher is from Egypt, and she is extremely patient alhamdulillah. I kept making the same mistakes, and she corrected me nicely every time. She is only seven years older than me.

There are quite a few 'dinners' coming up. Its interesting that a few years ago, I would not consider going to a 'dinner' unless my parents/family advocated it quite forcefully. However, now, I am trying to get my family and others to agree to go to several dinners with me. In fact, I am trying to get my family to go to several places, however, they are usually quite reluctant. Everyone is busy with their own lives and have taken up too many commitments to fit in with the schedule of someone else. 

'I don’t want to be a grown-up like the grown-ups I have seen,
Because the grown-ups I have seen don’t seem to have much fun.
They don’t get down on the floor enough to pray or play with toys,
When I’m a grown-up I won’t want to be one.'

Too bad, I am almost a grown up. :(

I want to go:
- Harbour Bridge climbing
- Hot air balloon riding
- Rock climbing

- We are reaching the end of Autumn. My tree has converted all of its green leaves into yellow and red ones and has started growing two or three bright red flowers. I wish I could remember the name of the flowers!
- I missed being close to DJ, I think we are getting closer again. :)
- I started climbing the infamous steps at uni. I hope I shall continue on this venture, as it is my only form of exercise...
- I just discovered an extremely cute song.


  1. May the readers have online Tajweed class link?

  2. Its a female-only one-to-one program done through Skype. There's no 'link' for it. But if anyone is interested, just contact me personally and I'll try to organise something for you.