Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Peace lovers

Painted sky

Why can we not fight violence with peace?
Knowing that violence breeds violence,
hatred breeds hatred,
blood requires more blood to be poured out on earth.
Why can we not face a frown,
with a smile?

Words are sweeter,
Yet pens are mightier than swords.


The following is copywrited to the fifteen year old Sum, one of my awesomest little sisters: "...the endlesss cycle of war and hatred, because once ur hurt, no one thinks justice has been served until they hurt those who hurt them. But where does this get us, other than just more confusion, more chaos, more hatred, a chain. Why is it so hard to fight violence with peace? Because violence gives born to nothing but violence. How beautiful is it that Islam tells you to smile and frogive and give somethign BETTER when you've been delivered unjustice?" (4.5.2011)

ps: Its 'injustice', Sum. :P

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  1. yes, i noticed it to be "injustice" after i had posted it, and reread it, but was too lazy to change it. XD