Monday, May 16, 2011

Break all my thoughts hit the floor

The best thing about public blogging is that there are an infinite number of combinations of its outcome. It gives you the comfort of releasing your words to something other than a wall or a silent page without disturbing another soul in the world. People are so busy with their productive lives that they have neither the time nor the mindset to listen to the rantage of an unimportant being about unimportant issues. Yet, that unimportant being may feel the need of blabbing without feeling suffocated by closed walls (or pages). Therefore, public blogging is the perfect solution. The words are thrown out in the open, yet, no one is forced to hold onto them.

I need to get two new rechargeable batteries for my camera, because the old ones are in my frother, and are usually extremely hard to take out. After I get some batteries, I need to take a photo of my awesome new coffee cup that I bought from Spotlight a few days ago. To me, it just makes every coffee experience much better than it would have been in any other cup. I don't think many people get it, because when I try to say this to my friend with the enthusiasm that I feel, they sort of look at me like I have finally completely lost my mind. But then, my mind is currently not in the state that I would like it to be. I am being irresponsible with most of my responsibilities and its messing up my life. Looking forward to Wednesday night, so so SO much!

I really like OneRepublic lyrics. The words flow perfectly with each tune, although, I don't like their music too much. It starts off nicely, then it just gets too loud. I think their voices would go much better with simple strings or some piano (which is how they start... but then the drums come and ruin everything). The first song that I've heard of theirs was most probably Stop and Stare. I just watched the video clip for it (for the first time, I think) and I don't think I understand it. Is it trying to represent those precise crucial moments in life that cause significant changes?

I still like the song. And can relate to it, often.

Stop and stare,
I think I'm moving but I go nowhere.
Yeah, I know that everyone gets scared.
I become what I can't be.
Stop and stare,
I start to wonder why I'm here not there.
Do you see what I see?


And what is going on in my head is also something like this:

I'm dreaming out loud,
Dreaming out loud,
Can't find a puzzle to fit into piece a part of me.

PS: I really do hate it when people stop listening and still want to hear words. If you aren't willing to give them their due, why ask for useless words? Sometimes, you really need to learn when to stop and take a step back to see if what you are doing is really bringing much fruit. If not, and it involves other people, just stop. You are ruining them further instead of making things better.

P.P.S: Just discovered Picnik. :)


  1. listen to secrets and apologize by onerepublic! they're the best! :D

  2. Yup I've listened to both around a zillion times! And Secrets is my ring tone. <3